Lewis: America’s spelling list

I saw my grandchild’s spelling list
Indictment. Cheat. Hooker. Tryst.
Words that recall the Watergate thieves
Liars. Crooks. Conspiracies.
As we approach a new election date
Current events eclipse Watergate
Mendacious Trump leads the GOP
But loves himself not democracy
While Biden struggles against his age
And Romney says let’s turn the page
It’s time for new leaders in D.C.
That embrace science and know history
But Washington doesn’t really care
Pols are babies whose tantrums flare
Gates and Greene wear their diapers wet
Boebert’s Pampers are full of it
May Trump’s trials bring tribulations
And Biden go the way of old crustaceans
Beyond shelf life is what we’ve got
It’s time for fresh food for thought
There ain’t no future livin’ in the past
So say good riddance at long last
Let’s clean the House… and Senate too
It’s what all voters gotta do
Put new words on America’s spelling list
Truth and Justice — too long missed

Greg Lewis