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Lewis: A bridge too far

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Aspen authorities are buying flak jackets
Pitco officials are investing in armor
The entrance to Aspen is a topic again
A hot potato and a four alarmer

Politicos say it will take 12 years
Hmm, let’s think about that
It took five years to build the Verrazzano 
Two miles long and 13 lanes fat

The Empire State Building is 102 stories high
And it went up in one year and 45 days
So why does an Aspen bridge take so long?
‘Cuz the politics are a dead-end maze

The issue isn’t just about a straight shot
The issue is about straight shooters
Emotions and self-interest confound solutions
It’s easier to find a feminist at Hooters

Theories abound about traffic congestion
Truth is lost in the self-interest fray
Build here, build there, build anywhere
Long as the bridge ain’t in my way

What Aspen needs is a bridge to reason
Eight lanes of common sense
So keep the faith; we’ll find a solution
As we’ve done for employee rents

Greg Lewis

Snowmass Village