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Zimet, Nickell are the answer to Aspen School District’s problems

Aspen’s School Board is in a bad rut.

A few years ago our schools earned high ratings; student achievement was high. Both have declined despite rapidly increasing spending, mostly on administration. Your vote in the school board race can change that.

Susan Zimet, M.D., and Jonathan Nickell, MBA. offer a joint plan to set higher performance standards for our schools and to demand accountability. They insist the school board adopt a concrete strategic plan with measurable stretch goals. They insist the school board emphasize instructional improvements rather than real estate and operations. They would improve board effectiveness by forming committees to concentrate on academics, finance and facilities.

One of their strongest qualifications: They aren’t members of the current school board. In fact, Zimet chaired the independent District Accountability Committee that uncovered many of the board’s problems.

How do we know major improvements are needed but have been neglected by the current school board? Teacher raises are below other districts and insufficient to attract and keep good teachers. Teacher turnover is high. Teacher morale is low. Test scores are declining. Elementary school scores are so low the state put the school on a mandatory improvement plan. Does that sound like an effective school board?

If you want to reverse the downward spiral of Aspen’s public schools, vote for Zimet and Nickell. We owe it to the kids.

Maurice Emmer


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