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Won’t be fazed by liberals

Going into the November midterm elections, I shall not be shamed by liberal friends for standing up for conservative values. I might even make a log of the insults that liberals post against me, if for no other reason to embolden fellow conservatives to make our voices heard, and more importantly to get our votes out and counted in November.

Insult No. 1, posted today when I lambasted former Attorney General Eric Holder on Faceboo for being corruptly partisan with a satirical post that said “Barack, I thought we agreed, we were to make the Justice Department the Department of Just-Us”:

“John, I thought you were a better person than this,” one of my dear liberal friends slapped at me after viewing my honest and poignant post.

Maybe I’ll get to 100 insults by November. We conservatives must stand up against liberal bullies who continually try to silence us along with our collective voice of solid values and common sense.

John Hornblower


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