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Will councilman’s rant lead to change?

Will councilman’s rant lead to change?

So, over the holidays we had one of our City Council members having a meltdown about all the traffic and too many people. We all have meltdowns, so let’s not stoop to his level. Maybe, Skippy, you now get the feeling of all the hardworking people who every day drive to Aspen to oil the squeaky wheels that makes Aspen a great place feel. Maybe now you can get to work and fix our traffic problems. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all these hardworking people actually get home in a decent time to spend more time with their families? We have four lanes in town, four lanes heading into town, so let’s see how we can connect those lanes. Maybe if you get something started we will forget what what you posted. Just my thoughts.

Ian Long


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