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Why the EPA matters

We are writing to express our deep dismay and consternation concerning the Trump administration’s evisceration of the Environmental Protection Agency. As Colorado residents, we revel in the outdoors. Imagine how our tourist-dependent economy, driven by outdoor pursuits, would suffer from pollution-choked air and waterways. Will the anglers still come and visit once the fish populations die in our Gold Medal waters? Will the skiers come once our winters are snowless and short? Will we still have access to our treasured public lands if Scott Tipton auctions them off to the highest big oil bidder? Why do the Republican robber barons value drilling and oil industry jobs more than tourism jobs? We strongly believe that we need a clean and healthy environment in order to maintain our vital tourism industry in Colorado and nationwide. The EPA is a necessary check on industry polluters and a key element in maintaining our environment’s health.

Satellite images or no, climate change is real, and we Americans need the Environmental Protection Agency if we have any hope of slowing the effects of rising global temperatures. We also need members of Congress willing to stand up for the concerns of all their constituents, not just those wishing to prioritize corporate profits over the greater good.

Rachel Schmidt and Sam Corbin


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