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Who’s your favorite local Republican?

Below are eight frank questions for Snowmass Village, Aspen Village, Red Mountain, Woody Creek, Aspen, Wildcat, Basalt and Pitkin County voters to answer whether they are of the Green Party, Republican Party, Democratic Party, other third parties or non-affiliated voters in Pitkin County.

From what you know, seen, heard, read, feel or experienced:

1. Who is the most outstanding Republican at government meetings?

2. Who is the Republican often attending and speaking at government meetings?

3. Who is the Republican with the best bold, fresh ideas at government meetings?

4. Who is the Republican who has the best diversified political portfolio and solutions to present at government meetings?

5. Who is the most well-spoken and knowledgeable Republican at government meetings?

6. Who is the best Republican you might wish to vote to government office?

7. Who is the best Republican in Pitkin County?

8. Who is the Republican you enjoy watching and listening to at televised government meetings? Please feel free to response in your local newspaper.

Emzy Veazy III

Aspen and Burbank, California

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