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White House, Trump hardly authorities on coronavirus

President Trump told a rally in South Carolina that the coronavirus was a democratic hoax on Feb. 28. Then he appointed Mike Pence to lead a team to coordinate the U.S. effort in response to the virus. Is Mike Pence a doctor? No! Is he a public health specialist? No!

Are any of these actions wise? No! Why did Trump not put the surgeon general, Dr. Jerome Adams, in charge?

Trump has demanded that all information regarding coronavirus be channeled through the White House. Is that the best way to get the truth to the American people? No!

Trump said the U.S. will have a vaccine very, very soon. Doctors have explained publicly a vaccine takes at least 15 months to develop.

Do you trust information coming from the White House? Do you think Donald Trump puts your family’s health ahead of his political control and career? I don’t.

We need a national health care system where all people have access to health care, and there is a coordinated response to health emergencies. People’s health, the community’s health, has to be put first, ahead of politics, corporations and ahead of Donald Trump! Imagine that!

Illene Pevec


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