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When Aspen was slower and simpler

With regard to the recent articles — “A 40 million “ranch” — really?” by Paul Andersen in The Aspen Times and “Pioneer Billy Zaugg” by Tim Cooney in the Aspen Daily News — my commendations to both Tim and Paul for their recent articles. The juxtaposition of the “Aspen of Yesterday” that I knew as a boy in the 1940s and the Aspen of today is most apparent in these two articles.

How times have changed!

Back in the late ‘30s and early ‘40s, times in Aspen were hard. Everyone was poor! Old miners and prospectors sat on wire benches at the post office in the Elks Building, waiting for the train whistle to announce the arrival of the daily mail. It was a different Aspen then. No one was in a hurry. Most Aspen folks had very little money to spend and the times were still hard.

Yes, Aspen has changed! For the better? It depends on your viewpoint! For comparison, take a look at an Aspen paper in the ‘40s as compared to the slick ads of today! Wow! What a difference!

As for me? I’m glad to have known many of those “old timers.” Some years ago, while at a water conference in Wyoming, a gentleman commented to me, “You’re from Aspen? You must be rich!”

Yes, Paul and Tim, Aspen has certainly changed! Thanks for the memories! Your articles are great! Keep them coming.

Jim Markalunas


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