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What’s bugging Ruth these days?

The ridiculous reappears:

• A $10 hamburger qualifies a restaurant as being affordable (by the city).

• Physical education at the middle and high schools.

• The city, county and Open Space and Trails can’t leave anything as is.

• Most of the bike lanes.

• Restaurants automatically serving water. Water is short. Ask first.

• That Rachel Hahn is no long with Lucky Dog Rescue.

• Where the visitors center is: You need a visitors center to find the visitors center!

• That parking is for guests and not locals, too.

• The mailbox across from the Wheeler is gone.

• Gwyn’s made Snowmass. It’s not “ludicrous,” as Aspen Skiing Co. President and CEO Mike Kaplan said, for council to have made a resolution to keep it.

To be continued …

Ruth Harrison


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