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What Elizabeth Warren should say

If I were Sen. Elizabeth Warren, I would meet with the Greens and the Libertarians right now and say, “Let’s get together. Let’s get behind one candidate and, because of the two-party system, that candidate is me. I know we have our differences, but once we get that SOB out of office, we can work things out.”

Why Liz and not Bernie? Sen. Sanders will be too old in three years. Trump was too old last year, but he was too arrogant to accept the limitations of age. Bernie Sanders is a wise and humble man.

And yes, we need a woman president. I did not vote for Hillary Clinton last year, but I did vote for a woman, Jill Stein. I had a lot of problems with Clinton, but I was very disappointed in the outcome. I believed the pollsters and the media when they predicted Clinton would win easily. I won’t make that mistake again.

I campaigned for the Equal Rights Amendment in southern Indiana in the 1970s, and I discovered many women think they should be subservient to men. It’s in the Bible. Warren should not take the women’s vote for granted like Clinton did.

It seems like all the rational thoughts being expressed these days are coming from women. For example, a woman federal court judge in Virginia wrote in her ruling against the travel ban: “If the President finds a certain group poses a threat to our citizens if allowed to enter the country, he may ban their entry. The key word is ‘finds,’ not ‘thinks.’ The president has not found that these people pose a threat.”

Warren, herself, tried to warn us about the flaming racism of attorney general nominee Jefferson Beauregard Sessions on the floor of the Senate before she was bullied off the podium by the cheater of the Senate Mitch McConnell. He was just sticking up for his fellow Klansman.

It looks like we will be the last nation on earth to have a woman leader, just like we were the last to abolish slavery. We’re already the most racist nation and we’re working on being the most sexist.

Fred Malo Jr.


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