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Weeds for bees

Dandelion season is almost here. Which for a vast majority of you means herbicide season. This year I would like to suggest that at the very least to hold off on your decimation of the dandelion. This lowly flower provides some of the best nutrition at the earliest time for Honey Bees. Without this crucial nectar and pollen the bees will have a very difficult time getting up to speed. They are currently making as many brood as they can, using up the majority of their stores. The dandelion gives them some fresh nutrition right when they need it. Herbicides sprayed on weeds like the dandelion will poison the bee as well. Not much escapes the tenacious grasp of that poison. Please, if you must spray, wait a few weeks or a month before you do to gives the bees a leg up this year.

Mark Burrows


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