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We shall overcome

Isn’t the United States of America still the greatest country in the world? Even though we have the absolute worst president in our country’s history, we should get through this OK.

The main reason is this: “Saturday Night Live” is helping more Americans than our president is. “SNL” is probably helping out more people in the world than the president is capable of. Also take a look at all the other comedians in this country who are pitching in. I am sure there are others around the globe who are helping, as well.

Let’s concentrate on the ones in the USA, though. Sean Hannity and Sean Spicer come to mind. “Fox & Friends,” as well. Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel also. Don’t forget Seth Meyers, and these are the comedians who are not on “SNL.” A lot of governments around the globe would throw these people in jail. Not here though, and there is absolutely nothing the president or his people can do about it.

Miles Knudson

Aspen Village and Santa Fe, New Mexico

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