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Way to go, teachers

I’m proud to see that our teachers are standing up for themselves. Colorado has one of the strongest economies in America, so it’s inexcusable that we rank a lowly 46th in the nation in teacher pay and many of our schools are so underfunded that they’ve been forced to go to a 4-day school week. Teachers are the stewards of our future, and they deserve better than they’ve been getting.

However, all their effort will be for naught if we don’t elect leaders who support them. Fortunately, in the 3rd Congressional District, we have a candidate who’s doing more than just talking the talk, he’s walking the walk. This past Tuesday, Democrat Karl Hanlon did more than just voice his support, he traveled to the Pueblo picket line and marched side-by-side with the teachers. He was the only candidate in the race willing to brave the rain to support our educators.

We’ve spent too many years represented by Scott Tipton, a man who never shows up, I’m excited that there’s finally a candidate like Karl in the race, who’s willing to go the extra mile for his constituents.

Sean Gallik


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