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Wait and see

Dear Mayor Steve Skadron and City Council,

I have been coming to Aspen for about 55 years, lived there for 18 years and have had a second home there for the past 10 years.

When I lived in Aspen I helped develop/manage the Aspen Business Center and I was on the Pitkin County Board of Adjustment and the Planning Board. One of the reasons that people would like the Lift 1 area redeveloped is “to clean up a blighted area.” This is a reasonable premise but must be done carefully.

With the construction underway on the west side of South Aspen Street and the Lift One Lodge approved on the east side, should we not catch our breath and see the results of those projects before jumping into a third project?

The completion of these projects will give us a better idea of the effect of traffic on a narrowed, up to 10 percent grade South Aspen Street and time to study the Lift 1 alignment as well as the best way to get skiers to the lift.

Clark Smyth


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