Vote ‘yes’ to help Colorado Mountain College |

Vote ‘yes’ to help Colorado Mountain College

Can you imagine our valley without Colorado Mountain College? I cannot even envision that. I spent most of my adult career working at CMC where we were always striving to improve the student experience, focus on academic standards and assessment as well as striving to build community relationships. Since my retirement, I have become a dedicated student of CMC. I am still proud to be associated with Colorado Mountain College. I continue to hear accolades and inspiring stories from many community members about their CMC experience. CMC is 50 years old this year and our communities have celebrated our growth and successes with us.

Because of Colorado’s Gallagher Amendment, the growth in Front Range real estate values will negatively affect CMC’s budget.

Ballot Measure 4B will allow the CMC Board of Trustees to recover only those revenues lost by CMC due to the growth in the Front Range property values. This is NOT an automatic or unlimited tax increase. Trustees would have the ability to adjust the mill levy only when there are future Gallagher Amendment reductions, and the mill levy increase would be limited in amount to any such reductions.

Help us preserve one of our significant Western Slope treasures.

Please vote “yes” on 4B so that CMC can continue to provide access to the most affordable post-secondary education in our state.

Ann Harris, PhD


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