Vote yes on 6A to help firefighters |

Vote yes on 6A to help firefighters

For the first time in the Aspen Fire Protection District’s 65-year history, the taxpayers are being asked for a mill levy increase to fund future organizational needs. Vote “yes”! Aspen Fire is a predominately volunteer organization, which has allowed the district’s taxpayers to enjoy one of the lowest mill levy rates for a fire district in the state. Recruiting, training and maintaining the ranks of volunteer firefighters is becoming increasingly challenging. The district is asking for a tax increase largely to fund the construction of employee housing on a parcel of land the district already owns at the Aspen Business Center. Owning housing will be an invaluable recruitment and retention tool for the future of the fire district. The fire district also is seeking funds to allow for future capital equipment purchases, additional support staff for the firefighters and a wildfire mitigation fund. Vote “yes” to support this organization and the firefighters who have committed so much to protecting this wonderful area.

Karl Adam


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