Two options For Basalt |

Two options For Basalt

Imagine if Basalt Town Council members were not afraid to upset the development crowd and represented the public instead! Imagine if they took back control of the $7.75 million in value already created with taxpayer funds in and around the 2.3-acre Roaring Fork Development Corp. river parcel next month.


A spectacular 2.3-acre grass river park on the banks of the sparkling Roaring Fork River would be created by adding 1.3 acres to the existing 1-acre grassed park! It would be fully visible and accessible from Two Rivers Road to the Roaring Fork! It would be event ready during the summer of 2018!

The 1 acre reserved for public serving commercial development would be decided by a public-sanctioned, open-market process to provide the best mix of public park serving commercial. The 1-acre parcel resold, so net cost to taxpayers is zero.

The other option is for the existing Basalt council is to betray the public. It they fail to complete the purchase of the RFCDC parcel next month, the result of that inaction would likely be the same as giving the $7.75 million in tax-dollar value already invested, to one development group — that wants to build condos.

Patrice K. Becker


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