Trump has failed America |

Trump has failed America

“The buck stops here.” President Harry Truman had a sign on his desk in the oval office with that phrase written on it. It meant that as president, he was ultimately responsible to handle everything that came across his desk.

The Trump administration, therefore the president, was notified about the coronavirus outbreak in China back in January. Scientists told them, therefore him, that they must take action immediately.

Since the Trump administration and the entire leadership of the Republican party is concerned with corporate profit above all else, including the health and well being of the American people, they, as usual, ignored the scientists and kept quiet so as not to alarm anyone, especially the wealthy investors.

The endless stream of lies, the lack of accountability and obvious cover-ups is a lot like all the other failed attempts at leadership we’ve seen. Except this time many of our loved ones will die. This incompetent president must resign for the sake of the American people and the longevity of this country.

Eric M Holtz


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