Tolerance works both ways in Columbus Day debate |

Tolerance works both ways in Columbus Day debate

Only a mean, nasty scold would object to honoring indigenous Americans. But to clarify and avoid honoring the undeserving, should the honorees include both the Cheyenne people and the Lakota people who drove the Cheyenne from their lands, slaughtering countless Cheyenne in the process? Should the honorees include all the other tribal groups that more or less constantly waged gory war long before 1492?

Inquiring minds want to know.

But I’m still for an indigenous Americans celebration, even though I don’t think it’s important. I’m not a mean, nasty scold. I’m happy my fellow Americans can celebrate their self-perceived moral superiority. Can they do it, however, without turning into mean, nasty scolds themselves who can’t tolerate other Americans’ enjoyment of a long-standing holiday?

Maurice Emmer


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