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Tipton did nothing on climate change

I started calling Scott Tipton’s office in February ’17, concerned about the Trump administration’s plan to pull out of the Paris Accord. Originally the calls were just to inform my representative my wishes that we stay in and honor our commitment to combatting climate change. I got no response from the congressman, so I kept calling, looking for a statement, looking for representation from my representative on a vital issue. I did not get that statement from Tipton. Trump idiotically pulled out of the agreement in April with out a word from Colorado’s 3rd District.

I kept calling, looking for an explanation as to why he did nothing. I kept calling and kept calling. In September, seven months after I started calling five months after it was too late, his office finally reached out to me. They didn’t step up to protect it because Obama did it.

Tipton is a petty, partisan unreliable representative, and is unworthy of representing this district. Vote for Diane Mitsch Bush, she might actually represent the will and concerns of CO-3.

Dale Braisted


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