The Palestinians’ history of rejections |

The Palestinians’ history of rejections

The international community should learn law before preaching to Israel. The U.N. resolution 242 is the key resolution concerning the Arab-Israeli conflict and was adopted by the U.N. Security Council on Nov. 22, 1967. It recognizes the need for Israel to have secure and recognized borders.

It demands an end to Arab aggression as a prerequisite for an Israeli withdrawal from some but not all territories seized by Israel as a result of the Arab aggression in 1967. The resolution doesn’t mention the Palestinians for the simple reason that the Palestinians had not been invented in 1967. It is therefore impossible for Israel to return Palestinian territories since there are none. There are disputed territories saturated with over 3,000 years of Jewish history that have been open for negotiations.

Demanding unilateral Israeli withdrawals before Arab aggression ends constitutes a fragrant violation of international law. It also rewards and encourages Arab aggression and blocks the path to genuine peace between Jews and Arabs.

The Arabs were offered what would have been the 23rd Arab state next to Israel in November 1947 and refused, while the Jews agreed and answered with war on the newly re-established Israeli state in 1948. The Palestinians were offered in 2000 by President Bill Clinton to Yasser Arafat and again refused, then launched the second intifada terror campaign. They again turned down statehood in 2008, which offered the Palestinians 97 percent in Judea and Samaria, which also would have given Israeli land and would have divided Jerusalem. If the Palestinians really wanted a state, why have they rejected every offer?

Jerome Marks


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