The fast and the not-so-furious |

The fast and the not-so-furious

While driving to work today (I like riding the bus, but need to drive occasionally), I started thinking about which law is preferred to break. Driving solo in the HOV lane, or speeding in the “single occupancy” left lane.

I drive a Prius that costs $3 to drive round trip from Carbondale. I set the cruise control at 62 MPH and cars fly by me in the left lane. If I were to drive legally in the left lane, I would be manufacturing road rage. A line of drivers who want to go 70 and faster would pile up behind me. They would shoot small gaps into the right lane and zip by me, many flipping me the bird. This would be hazardous in my opinion.

Therefore I choose to break the HOV lane law, and mind you I am still technically speeding at 7 mph over the posted limit! I am just not ticking other people off, because I am not in a big hurry.

Usually I roll up next to many of those speedy drivers at the next stop light.

John Norman


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