The Crystal trail boondoggle to nowhere |

The Crystal trail boondoggle to nowhere

If Pitkin County commissioners really think that the process which Open Space and Trails has employed in the Crystal Valley is a reasonable way to implement a $100 million construction project, then maybe Aspen could employ that same method to resolve the perpetual traffic issues in Aspen.

Option A would be a “cut and cover” route through the Marolt open space, and Option B would be an above-ground straight shot (much cheaper!). Comments can be solicited from the rest of Pitkin County, Eagle and Garfield counties, as well as the rest of Colorado, to determine which option is really best for Aspen.

There is no denying that this traffic issue does negatively impact thousands of people from several local counties, as well as visitors from around the world. In contrast, it is only the residents of the Crystal Valley, human and otherwise, who will suffer the negative impacts of this wasteful “trail” boondoggle.

Lee Hollowell

Crystal River Valley

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