The climate is always changing |

The climate is always changing

I am from St. Louis area but learned to ski in Aspen in 1972. I visit friends here but have been going to Breckenridge since I bought into a condo there in 1982. So my love for Colorado is firmly entrenched and has few limitations.

I recognize your environmental concerns yet the claim that carbon dioxide is the cause for climate warming lacks scientific certainty. I learned carbon dioxide is 0.037% of the atmosphere. It also is a natural component of the air we breath in and we breath out. It also bubbles up from fissures in the earth and from the sea floor every second of the day because it is a product of the decay of prehistoric vegetation. So it is not a pollutant.

My best analysis is that the world has been getting warmer for the last 12,000 years, since the last ice age. So while I am dubious about man’s impact on climate change, the sad thing is we humans are insignificant in changing where climate is going. That said, I think it is for us to live with the responsibility not to pollute our world. Moving to the moon or Mars or satellites is too foolish for words because those worlds are uninhabitable. So this is where we live and will have to preserve and keep it for our children and their children.

Ron Jones

Alton, Illinois

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