The benefits of wearing pants |

The benefits of wearing pants

This letter is in response to Meredith Carroll’s commentary about things Aspen should ban (“Nine other things Aspen should ban,” Feb. 8, 2017, The Aspen Times). I take exception to your proposed ban on “pants.”

I admit that dressing fashionably is low on my list of concerns, and it wasn’t until last week that I bought my first pair of yoga pants. Instead of wearing my old-fashioned corduroy pants when walking to the rec center the next day, I wore my stylish new yoga pants. By the time I arrived, the lower half of my body was hypothermic. So, I just don’t understand the popularity of this fashion statement, at least in the winter.

Now, if I want to wear yoga pants outside, I have to wear regular pants on top. Perhaps yoga pants should be banned. Does this mean I don’t stand a chance of having a life and becoming Aspen authentic?

Debbie Overeynder


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