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Term limits should be placed on justices

Justice Kennedy’s retirement highlights a reason I am working for the Convention of States movement. The U.S. constitution permits justices to serve for life. Thus, this retirement presents an opportunity for President Donald Trump to replace an 81-year-old justice who’s wobbly on conservative values with one in his or her 40s who’s rock solid on conservatism. The president can ensure a conservative court for decades. To underscore the point, Justice Thomas is 70. If he were to continue to serve for another six years, then retire in the last year of President Trump’s second term, President Trump could appoint yet another solidly conservative justice in his or her 40s. This would create an overwhelmingly conservative court for 40 years or more after his second term ends.

This couldn’t make liberals happy. But it shouldn’t please conservatives either. Conservatives could find themselves in a similar place 40 years from now with a Democrat (or possibly openly socialist) president and Senate. A more rational policy would be some form of term limits on Supreme Court justices. This can happen only through a constitutional amendment. The Convention of States movement is fighting for just such a change. Please join the movement.

Maurice Emmer


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