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Taking Trump at face value

What’s in a face? Aspen knows, having voted against Donald Trump by a ridiculous margin in order to help spare the rest of the country his malignant presence. Trump is known for his tiny hands and preposterous hair,

but there’s also the face. The flesh is starting to eat Trump’s. Face-fat has reduced his small eyes to something ever smaller. The irises are dull, as in those of fish. His eyebrows are bottle blond. Trump has livery, lubberly lips, especially when he essays that wide closed grin resembling that of some white actor doing blackface.

His pores have grown large and highly visible, as if he’s a chart illustration in the dermatologist’s office. Trump has the blackheads of a teenager on the jowls and the snout of a bad breed of dog. Not a pretty sight. Aspen did what it could.

David Chamberlain


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