Stop poisoning us with fluoride |

Stop poisoning us with fluoride

Propaganda: Fluoride prevents tooth decay and is harmless additive found in toothpaste, rinses and our water supply.

Reality: Fluoride is a cumulative poison, it’s one of the most toxic substances on Earth, only about half of what we consume is excreted. The other half collects in the teeth and bones, making them dense but brittle.

Ninety-eight percent of European countries are banning fluoride because of health concerns.

Cities throughout this country buy this witch’s brew, which contains less than 20 percent total fluoride (and the rest extremely toxic waste, silicofluoride).

Apparently we are supposed to accept the fact that toxic fluoride is being piped into our homes so that we all have access to free mouthwash.

If fluoride only works topically, why are we still saturating our tissue with it through the water we drink and the water we bathe in? Let’s join most of the world in refusing to add this substance to our drinking water.

Lisa Stålfors


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