Still O’Leary about caucuses |

Still O’Leary about caucuses

Hey, Blanca O’Leary, who am I voting for in this year’s primary? I’ve got my preferences, but when my part of Aspen voted for Bernie Sanders last time, you overruled your constituency and gave Hilary the nod for us all. Maybe you’d met her at a fancy dinner or thought you knew better than everyone who bothered to participate, but you disenfranchised us, just like gerrymandering, or the Electoral College does, and gave the White House to a monster!

Please, whoever is our democratic superdelegate this time, and I hope it’s not Blanca O’Leary, or Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, pass on your community’s results, and not just further your own personal agenda. I hope we can entrust someone responsible with this responsibility this time. Make voters count, so folks can believe in voting!

Tom Alpern


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