Slusar: Facts speak for themselves |

Slusar: Facts speak for themselves

I am writing in response to the letter you published from John Maloy about me (“Maloy: Slusar shows ‘little regard for the truth,’” Oct. 23,

While it is tempting to respond in kind, I really don’t roll that way. I would rather take a page from the book of several great leaders, to wit: “when they go low, we go high,” and “turn the other cheek.” It is very sad that Dr. Maloy felt the need to go on the attack (while simultaneously calling for civil discourse). I can only say that the facts speak for themselves. Dr. Maloy was dismissed.

I do need to clarify one point. At no time have I called for the cutting off of anyone’s body parts. Rather, I said “the fish rots from the head down,” which I expect many people will recognize as an old proverb that metaphorically describes the effects of poor leadership on an organization. I would also add the words of a supporter on why she is voting for me in the upcoming BOE election: “Bettina is a deep listener and a collaborative leader who is not afraid to take action.” I think that is what voters need to know.

Bettina Slusar


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