Shoting range of the future |

Shoting range of the future

Since the onset of the Lake Christine Fire there has been almost nonstop commentary regarding the future of the Basalt shooting range. Should the range stay open? Should the range be shut down? Should the range be relocated? And so on with seemingly no satisfactory solution. Therefore, let me weigh in with an idea — a possible win/win for all interested parties. What about a virtual shooting range? After all, we already have virtual driving ranges for golf, virtual batting cages for baseball and even virtual bowling alleys. So why not a virtual shooting range? It could easily be set up inside of a closed structure — perhaps even on the existing shooting range site. By creating a virtual shooting range we would eliminate both the fire hazard and neighborhood noise issues in one fell swoop. At the same time, anyone wishing to continue their shooting skills practice or take up the sport would have the opportunity to do so within a safe, controlled environment. How about it?

Greg Shugars


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