Shake up Garfield Sheriff’s Office |

Shake up Garfield Sheriff’s Office

Term limits keep our country healthy. Looking around the state, most counties have two-term limits on almost every elected official. Garfield County doesn’t have any if this will be the current sheriff’s fifth term.

Let us look at why term limits are healthy for this office. The election process is a long-involved process as the incumbent’s leadership speaks for itself through the people his staff serves. The challenger, on the other hand, has to be brighter, smarter and just a little bit more likeable on election day. If not the existing sheriff just keeps on doing what he has been doing and the people just keep giving to his over the top budget again, again, again, again, until the next election.

If the challenger wins, staff probably changes a bit and the new sheriff takes over. This new sheriff was just on the outside looking in and now this new sheriff has all his resources and responsibilities bestowed upon him by the state. If this new sheriff is smart he will rally the force and begin his term. Why would someone want to this? As history has taught us leadership can change everything and that is why Paramroop Khalsa is man enough to take the veteran on.

Term limits are imperative in our new world as information moves and changes so quickly with technology and social norms that four years is a long time and 16 years is a dynasty. Creativity and fairness are new norms that need to be brought to this office now. That is why changing leaders keeps our world in check and prosperous.

Write in Khalsa for sheriff and watch our county become a safer and healthier place to live, work, raise a family and play.

Paramroop S. Khalsa


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