Saying “timber” to the Tree Farm plan |

Saying “timber” to the Tree Farm plan

The Tree Farm plan will affect our quality of life in the midvalley. The trade-off of this project’s dense development with little commitment to affordable housing is not fair to our community.

Also, the Tree Farm proposal is out of conformity with the Midvalley Community Plan.

This plan supports the following:

1. “Ensure an adequate number of affordable workforce units in the area.”

2. “Enhancements that contribute to a small-town feel and healthy mountain lifestyles.”

3. “Participate as necessary in the development of service, infrastructure and resource management strategies and programs.”

4. “Where the residential uses are proposed on the margins of agricultural properties, encourage large lot, lower density developments.”

5. “Maintain existing agricultural zoning.”

These are just some of the supported issues that are not being followed.

The Tree Farm development clearly does not coincide with the Midvalley Area Community Plan.

Monday will be the Tree Farm developer’s final meeting with Eagle County commissioners. They will be voting to approve or disapprove this project.

It is important for citizens to come together and show the commissioners we do not support this project, and to vote “no.”

Patrice K. Becker


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