Say thanks to Jeff Bestic |

Say thanks to Jeff Bestic

Aspen has a great history of volunteerism. We all benefit in many ways from the service of these volunteers. I could not even begin to mention all the groups and people that contribute to this valley’s success, as a volunteer, the list is large. Last night one of our friends fellow Aspenite and volunteer firefighter Jeff Bestic retired after 30 years of service at The AVFD. It is a tradition at the AVFD that to retire you have to come to the monthly meeting at the fire barn and request retirement in front of your peers. Its not as easy as it sounds, You stand up thank a lot of people, tell a few lies, reminisce, tell a funny story or two, shed a tear, and walk out of a service that has shaped you life. Not many escape with dry eyes. Jeff did not want to make a big deal of his retirement but 30 years as a Fire Fighter is a big deal. I wanted to thank him publicly. If you see Mr Bestic around town Tell him Thanks he deserves it!

Jack Simmons AVFD ret.


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