Salazar isn’t a 5-star endorsement |

Salazar isn’t a 5-star endorsement

One of the problems I have with Diane Mitsch Bush’s campaign for 3rd District congresswoman is the way she brags about the endorsement she got from Ken Salazar. He’s not as bad as Ryan Zinke, but Salazar was a terrible secretary of the Interior.

Salazar approved coal, oil and gas development on millions of acres on public lands and Arctic waters. He has extolled the safety of fracking.

After his term at the Department of the Interior, Salazar did legal and public relations work for Andarko, the oil and gas company responsible for the Firestone tragedy that killed two men and seriously injured a woman.

The fossil-fuel industry has their hooks deep into Salazar, just like many Colorado politicians. Is the same true of Mitsch Bush?

Arn Menconi would never accept such an endorsement.

Fred Malo Jr.


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