Romero ‘uniquely qualified’ for council |

Romero ‘uniquely qualified’ for council

Romero ‘uniquely qualified’ for council

Dear Editor:

I’ve known Dwayne Romero since he arrived on the scene many years ago to lead the team charged with constructing Base Village in Snowmass. Although the completion of this project was delayed — due to the economic forces at play during the recent recession, and as a result, our community’s original vision for this project will likely be somewhat different when it’s completed than when Dwayne’s team first arrived — one constant through the entire process has been Dwayne’s dynamic leadership and his never-wavering commitment to complete the job in the most responsible and community-sensitive manner possible.

His commitment to both the Aspen and Snowmass communities will ensure the continued and growing economic vitality and sustainability of the entire upper Roaring Fork Valley. Aspen and Snowmass are not and should not be competing resort entities. They complement each other and as such, Dwayne, who has a thorough understanding and commitment to both communities and to our respective resort operations, is the best possible choice to bring enlightenment and leadership to the furtherance and enhancement of our respective and joint community goals.

As evidenced by his prior service as a council member, he has proven his abilities through his measured, well-reasoned and creative approach to planning and problem-solving. He is thoughtful, respectful and applies the same sound business and financial principles and judgment to the operations of city government as he does in the private sector. He is uniquely qualified and positioned to revive and reinvigorate a much needed sense of trust between the private sector and local government.

Please cast your vote for him as a member of the Aspen City Council.

Mel D. Blumenthal

Snowmass Village and Santa Monica, Calif.

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