Rich with land, not cash |

Rich with land, not cash

Dear Pitkin County commissioners,

Once again, I must protest the increase of my property’s assessed valuation, and inevitably my property taxes, by the Pitkin County assessor. Having lived in my home for over 60 years, at the same location, I have seen the transformation of Aspen from small, modest homes to the constant building of large luxury homes with prices in the millions by wealthy absentee owners and real estate speculators wanting to cash in on the “Aspen Gold Rush.”

I, however, am not rich! Although I do live in Aspen. Unfortunately, the tide raises all boats, small and large. All my life I have paid my own way without any subsidized county or city housing funds. I don’t expect a handout but you folks who are paid by the taxpayers should keep in mind that not all of us are rich, even though we live in Aspen.

Sometimes I wish we could bring back the Quiet Years!

Jim Markalunas


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