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RFTA finally off the booze wagon

My efforts to get the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority to get off the booze wagon has finally paid off. In 2017 I even took it to the Colorado General Assembly about it allowing alcoholic drinking on its buses and not checking identifications to stop minors from boozing it up.

During ski season, most of the unlawful and unbearably rowdy behavior on RFTA buses from Aspen into Snowmass Village and back is done by foreign Aspen Skiing Co. workers living in SkiCo employee housing at the Snowmass Club site.

Each year, neither Skico nor the Snowmass Village Town Council are warning and policing these foreign winter workers at their living quarters or at the bus stops. The frenzied alcoholic beverage drinking and dope smoking at the bus stops shows no thoughtfulness and consideration

for others, especially at night.

Emzy Veazy III

Aspen, Burbank, CA

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