Repairing shingles vaccine |

Repairing shingles vaccine

This letter is in response to Karen Koenemann’s commentary in this newspaper regarding public health being a community effort (April 2). I would like to thank Pitkin County Community Health for giving a lecture at the Senior Center regarding the new shingles vaccine, called Shingrix. I learned that Shingrix is 97 percent effective in preventing shingles, which is much more effective than the earlier vaccine I had. Having experienced shingles a long time ago, I immediately got the the Shingrix shot at a local pharmacy and will get the second required dose in a few months. I got my husband to have the immunization, too. Without your lecture and notification in Pitkin County’s Senior Newsletter, I wouldn’t have known about this new vaccine. So, thank you, because, believe me, I never want to experience shingles again.

Debbie Overeynder


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