Refresher on Mullins’ record |

Refresher on Mullins’ record

Regarding Michael Behrendt’s letter regarding Ann Mullins’ tenure on City Council (“Hauenstein, Torre are on people’s side,” April 4, The Aspen Times) contained alternative facts that I wish to correct.

He claimed “We got traffic, congestion, an empty Little Annie’s, Crystal Palace and Cooper Street Pier. We know what the developers got. This must stop, starting with the top of Aspen Street and the Gorsuch megaplotz.”

Ann recused herself from Hotel Aspen and was not part of that decision was not on the council when Little Annie’s was decided. The same for Cooper Street Pier. She has not supported Gorsuch Haus.

Ann’s strength has always been that she is measured and careful and precise. She has in fact been a careful slow growther, but not a no growther.

She did support Base2, which would have been a vital addition to the lodging base — and got shot down because of minor variances following Referendum 1.

Some running for City Council, such as Ward Hauenstein, have been cheerleaders for Gorsuch Haus right from the start with no visible discernment, including that the zoning is not there at all, yet he claims he did not not support affordable lodging because of zoning.

Inconsistencies abound in Aspen’s political theater but at least get your facts straight before you mess them up.

Phyllis Bronson


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