Redemption for Aspen Art Museum |

Redemption for Aspen Art Museum

If Aspen’s arts community has recovered sufficiently from the “beaton” inflicted on it several weeks ago by columnist Glenn Beaton and his army of “horrible and cruel trolls,” it may have awakened to the enormous opportunity that currently beckons.

To wit, if it has its wits about it, the Art Museum should move immediately to acquire the photographic image, and all rights pertaining to it, just produced by Kathy Griffin and Tyler Shields, and place it at the center of a newly conceived permanent collection.

Of course, to sell a squeamish public on the fact that this is indeed “art,” with considerable cultural and historical significance, the work should be given a fairly classical (and therefore classy) title — something along the lines of “American Medusa,” “A Fury’s Vengeance,” or “Catharsis for Clytemnestra” (who can easily be associated with Hillary Clinton).

If nothing else, the exhibit will certainly prove cathartic for a community that has the highest incidence of Trump Derangement Syndrome in the Rocky Mountains. It will also serve as a magnet for fellow sufferers from the four corners of the nation.

Despite Griffin’s apology for the image, it won’t come cheap, but think what the museum can earn from bookstore and online concessions — pussy hat ski masks to be worn on the slopes of Aspen Mountain and an array of bumper stickers and T-shirts bearing the image and proclaiming that “Elections have consequences” or “Aspen: A welcoming community” or “Colorado: Where GOP delegates are Never-Trumpers!”

The impact on the vitality of the arts will be yuge!

Chad Klinger


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