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Put the brakes on fossil-fuel-burning vehicles

From 2010 to 2016 the number of cars (and light trucks) put together in the U.S. has steadily risen by 4 million to more than 12 million vehicles per year. Donald Trump is wrong again. Go figure! A side note: The number of U.S.-made parts in these cars has been declining. Some Honda models are actually leaders in the use of U.S. parts.

World vehicle production is about 60 million. So the U.S., which is about 5 percent of world population, produces some 20 percent of the world’s vehicles. That would seem like a good thing, except that 99 percent of our new cars burn fossil fuels.

Trump is proposing that the U.S. should cancel rules that would make our vehicles use less gas and produce fewer emissions. Trump said global warming is a Chinese hoax. But, oddly, China is the world leader in electric vehicle and solar panel production.

Trump supporters say we should give him a chance. Trump supporters seem to have forgotten the eight years of stonewalling of Obama by the Republican party.

The production of some 12 million gas-burning vehicles a year is literally accelerating the destruction of the biosphere. We should stop producing any new vehicles that burn fossil fuel. Should we give Trump a chance to kill off more of us? Do we have a national death wish?

Patrick Hunter


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