Premature whining by the Dems |

Premature whining by the Dems

Whiney Democrats complain federal tax reform creates double taxation because of the new federal limitation on state and local tax deductions. Think about the implications of the complaint.

Taxes are collected to pay for various government activities. To claim there is double taxation is to claim taxpayers are paying twice for the same activities: once to the feds and again to their state and local governments. That would be awful if it were true.

Governments can be inefficient, but do the federal, state and local governments really do the same things?

Does the federal government operate our local schools? Does it operate city and state police and highway patrol organizations? Do the states maintain Navies and Coast Guards?

Each governmental unit exists to do things that no other unit is doing. When taxpayers pay the feds to do their work, the state to do its work, the county and city to do their work, they are simply paying different groups to do different things.

Think a bit before you whine.

Maurice Emmer


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