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Pitkin County shows its disconnect from Redstone residents

Regarding “Wilderness Workshop’s trail efforts incense Pitkin County officials” (Dec. 4, The Aspen Times): Well, the county officials have incensed this county resident with their reported remarks.

We’ve got one of these “officials” seeming to say: Wait a minute, Wilderness Workshop is bought and paid for — right or wrong, they can’t disagree with us,” and another official suggesting “they should have a declared position.” Is that to say, then, that the official should have a declared position as well and not be responsive to constituent input?

And then we hear from county staff, saying that Wilderness Workshop has not been collaborating (colluding?) with the county on the trail. Duh. Could you suppose this is for good reason? And then this staffer goes on to say that the trail route has not yet been determined; meanwhile, Open Space and Trails is purchasing real estate behind the scenes to enable the predetermined route.

Why do I feel that county residents are not getting representation here?

Tom Bleskan


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