Peters’ letter inaccurate |

Peters’ letter inaccurate

Frank Peters letter is what he accuses the previous writers letter to be — inaccurate and error filled.

Paragraph five: The weapons which you denigrate do have a useful purpose.

Paragraph six: Yes, we do use tactical rifles for hunting, target shooting and self-defense. We also use them in competition. Go to any range on any weekend and you will see people doing just that.

Paragraph seven: To busy to reload?

Check out “Three Gun Competition”

Paragraph eight: You point out that we can’t hunt big game with a .223, more properly AR’S come in 5.56×45.

As well as a dozen larger calibers that are suitable for big- and small-game hunting.

Paragraph nine: Owning an AR or other tactical rifle makes it more likely that you will shoot up an Elementary School? I think you are confusing a tool with a mindset or mental illness.

Paragraph 10: You know better than the Supreme Court what should be allowed in civil society. Thanks, I’ll stick with historical fact and the Supreme Court.

Perhaps a history lesson is in order.

1939, Adolf Hitler announces that by banning the private ownership of weapons he has created the safest society the world has ever known.

That was just before he started rounding up citizens who he deemed a threat.

Last paragraph: Self Appointed Patriots. Yes, I am.

Al Scholz


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