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Peg Portscheller for Colorado Mountain College board

In my 40-plus years as a professional educator, I can say, unequivocally, no one knows what it takes to ensure quality education more than Peg Portscheller. She is at once both an academic, knowing the research, as well as a commonsense practitioner, knowing what it takes to make a difference for all kids.

I have known and worked in various arenas with Peg for nearly 30 years. We were both school administrators in mountain communities and came together over issues such as standards, equity, accessibility, and community support networks. And even though I have worked and studied in the field of education for 46 years, Peg is still my “go-to” person for issues that have to do with complex system change, policy, accessibility, and community engagement.

Peg has always held an unrelenting commitment to ensuring all students have access to quality education, not just K-12, but career and college pathways that lead to successful careers. She has always advocated for ways in which K-12 districts can partner with CMC for a seamless and supportive education for our central Rocky Mountain youth. Peg is a vocal advocate for CMC, knowing how critical it is to our local economies.

There is no one more qualified for the CMC board than Peg Portshceller. No one more committed to ensuring the success of our youth than Peg Portsheller.

Vote for Peg. When she wins, our kids win.

Barb Pitchford


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