Parking impossible at airport |

Parking impossible at airport

If the Aspen-Pitkin County Airport is concerned about the drop in the number of passengers, they have just given folks another reason to not fly out of there. On March 23, we were lucky that our flight to Los Angeles was canceled, as there was absolutely no parking available. And not only was there no plan B, it appears that airport operations were totally ignoring the problem, a problem that had been going on for a few days, according to a United ticket agent. If you have driven there from Glenwood Springs or elsewhere in the valley, you are completely out of luck if there is no place to park your car for the next week. Even the Intercept Lot would be off limits for long-term parking. We will not be booking our subsequent flights out of the Aspen airport — we can’t afford to tell the airlines “Sorry, can’t fly — no place to leave our car.”

David Merritt

Glenwood Springs

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