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Parking foes

Great article on parking by Carolyn Sackariason, which shows that the city is the biggest obstacle to parking. Last year the city raised parking fees 50 percent — that’s correct — about 15 times the inflation rate. Even more so they took away a lot of parking spots by building curbs out into the street like at the gondola, or removing four metered spots near Wagner Park. All over town, a few less here and there, so a couple of dozen less for no reason.

Did the city ask residents, much less visitors, if they want higher fees and less parking?

Should the council members represent what people want, or govern in a vacuum? Sometimes leadership is good, like Bill Sterling and the smoking ban, but most times a member should be a representative. I don’t know Pete Rice, but I wasted some time trying to talk to Mitch Osur and got nowhere. I think the city needs a new parking director.

There are plenty of places to bike and the city doesn’t need to put bike racks in parking spaces like at Paradise or Wells Fargo.

Bill Greenwood


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