Pan and Fork Park has promise |

Pan and Fork Park has promise

Taking some visitors for a mini-tour of Basalt the other day, I was mystified why Basalt would even consider giving away half the river parcel for private profit. Well, $3 million is a giveaway when you look at other valley prices.

I can see an amphitheater, a pavilion for weddings and other events, picnic shelters, etc., there.

Right now, event planners are creating special experiences for corporate incentive trips and private clients up and down the valley. They don’t hesitate to drop big bucks. What would they pay for a venue right on the river? Not only would a wedding, for example, create a cash infusion directly, but Basalt hotels, outfitters and restaurants would benefit, too.

Don’t give it away!

Mari Rainer

Roaring Fork Valley resident since 1974

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